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Ino-chan takes it to the next level

Today we had some fun with Ino-chan, who has also come to rest a little. It was a very fine day – I had sex with Ino for at least three times! I banged her tight pussy, making her scream and moan, I pushed my wiener deeper and deeper until I started touching her stomach with my shaft. Her sweet buns were spread by her hands; I continued nailing her, watching at her tournure and holding myself in order not to cum inside her. Her long blonde hair sometimes touched my skin, and it felt awesome! Who would have known – lucky Naruto fucking Ino! A marvelous day.

Kinky vacation with Sakura

Day one of the sex trip! Ah, Sakura-chan was gorgeous! At first she didn’t want to even think of having sex with me, of course. “Naruto, are you outta your mind? No way! Never!”. But you know how persistent I am – after an hour she was already sucking my boner, slurping and gagging it. Yes, her cute warm mouth brought me unbelievable pleasure! And then I had some time with Hinata-chan. As it turned out, she fell in love with me a long time ago, but was too shy to ask me out. I destroyed all her complexes by sticking my cock inside her wide hentai ass and banging her for a while. Oh, you must have heard her screams even from the place where you are now! A lucky day, and many more of them to come!

Naruto’s sex experience on vacation

Wow, I’ve got a jackpot! Looks like my constant training brought me a vacation! Now I can rest for three days at Konoha island – a place that our village bought a while ago. It is a very nice place, with palms and jungles, and the water there is crystal. And the main surprise is that I’m going there with Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan and Kurenai-sensei! Looks like it’s gonna be hot there – Kurenai-sensei hadn’t a chance to stick a boner into her hungry twat for a very long while! And Sakura-chan – oh, when I think of her huhe boobs, my cock can rip my pants! Dunno what Hinata-chan is going to do there – she’s too shy to ask for a cock… Anyway, I’m very lucky today!