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Sakura sucks lots of cocks

You know, sometimes horny Sakura even freaks me out. She loves to suck cocks so much that there’s no dry cock left in our village already. Lots of drools and sweet moans – that’s the atmosphere today! Sakura enjoys her ass being shoveled by cocks and sucking long meaty weapons, teasing them with her tiny tongue. She’s absolutely amazing – her sucking skills exceed her ninja knowledge and experience! She could be the best wife if she wasn’t such a whore. Oh, well – at least I can get what I want – stick my cock into her warm mouth and watch her gulp it with pleasure!

A week-end with old friends

Sometimes I invite Sasuke and Gaara over, and we have a lot of fun with Sakura-chan! I just love to stuff her tight ass with my stick, as Sasuke closes her mouth with his boner. He fucks her throat and the drools spill from her mouth, turning him on very much! What? No, guys, I know that you tjink Sasuke is my enemy now! No, we are still good friends, but the directors tell us to pretend enemies – that’s better for the storyline, you know. And I’m not against sharing Sakura’s hot ass with my bud – we can nail her down all day long! As for Gaara, he has always been tireless and never showed mercy to his sex partners. He likes to slap girls on their plump butts, hearing their screams. Watch this mad fuck in a series of Naruto hentai pics!

Sasuke’s porn comics

Oh, look what I’ve found in Sasuke’s bag – a xxx comics! Looks like he likes to draw porn comics from time to time. Well, his story is too weird as for me – he’s describing his wedding with Hinata! A very odd episode, but some pleasant scenes are also included. Especially when he brings Hinata to bed to fuck her for the first time! She’s very scared, but he supports her and warms her up with a solid oral job. He licks and bites her clit, making her cum several times. Then it’s her turn – though she lacks experience, her warm mouth excites Sasuke and turns him on, making his weapon rock-hard. A very interesting, but rather strange Naruto porn comics – is Sasuke really in love with Hinata? I’d better ask him…

Perverted Hermit breaks out the sex rage

Perverted Hermit is unbearable! He has got me even here, far away from village! He didn’t try to fuck everything up, though. Maybe the reason is that he fell under charms of gorgeous Kurenai-sensei. At last he got busy stuffing her wide ass with his shaft! His books could make him a total fumbler! But now as her banged naked Kurenai, watching her huge tits jiggle and slapping her body with his dick, I thought that everything will be okay. Watching them having fun was a little boring, so I came and spilled my cum all over Sakura’s pretty face. Oh, how she moaned and begged for more of my hot semen! She licked my tool, mixing my cum with her drools, and I was completely exhausted.