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Sex punishment for Sakura from Iruka

Sakura showed herself to be a very dirty and naughty toon girl and deserved cruel punishment. Iruka-sensei caught this slut and bent her over his knee, pulling her panties off. She tried to resist, but all in vain – soon her round ass was exposed and ready for punishment. Iruka started slapping her on the butt, doing it with all his power, and soon Sakura’s ass became all red. The look of spanked butt suddenly turned the sensei on, and he pulled off his giant cock, intending to thrust it into poor Sakura’s pussy. Wanna see what happened next? I’ve got it all for you here – just click and enjoy!

Hinata gets ruthlessly fucked from her rear

I just remembered the good old days that I spent on the beach, when I banged Sakura and Hinata, and other girls, too. It felt really good, and I even have some photos since those times. Their lovely asses, big anime breasts and slim bodies make me shake in fever every time I remember them. Sakura made me all sweaty, jumping on top of my cock, and shy Hinata forced me to turn into a real sex monster, as I was slaying her helpless hole, spanking her on the butt. Yeah, really good times it were – hot sun, cool ocean and naked girls who exposed their plump butts to us, willing to have a long cock inside.

Weird dreams starring Sakura

Sometimes my mind draws crazy things. I can’t really understand why do I keep having those weird dreams, but… Last night a saw a dream where it was snowing, and I was training with a sword. Sakura-chan invited me to her house, but when I came there, she was already sucking off Sasuke and Orochimaru! I couldn’t understand a thing, but my cock disregarded all the circumstances and rushed into action! I fucked Sakura’s warm mouth, listening to Orochimaru, who told me some crazy shit… Sasuke enjoyed banging Sakura’s friend, while I tried to stuff Sakura with my cum. I splashed my semen all over her body, and it felt wonderful! But I woke up quickly, and so I’m still shocked…