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Temari gives her holes to Rock Lee and Neji

Gorgeous Temari always attracted Rock Lee and Neji, and today they finally got an opportunity to nail her tight ass. Lee always boasted his huge boner, and now he obtained a chance to use it with full power! He stick his stick into her warm mouth and slid it down her throat. The poor girl choked, but couldn’t oppose, ‘cause her butt was ruthlessly jammed by serious Neji. He shoveled her chocolate hole on and on, pushing his pole as deep as he could. That was an awesome sex episode – kinky Temari turned out to be a total slut! Wanna see naked Temari and the boys banging her hard? Your pal Naruto has got a present for ya! Just click on to see all the fresh Naruto smut!

Sakura’s terrific blowjob

And again I have some photos of the past times, when I used to bang Sakura twice a day! That day was a special one – it was my birthday, and she came to me to give me a present. Her present was… Rather naked, you know :) I was stunned and surprised – didn’t expect that from her, but she quickly guessed what to do – grabbed my cock, pulled it out of my pants and started swallowing it. In some minutes I was ready to burst out with cum, so I decided to slow down and turned her ass closer to my mouth to lick it and tease her red clit. Horny naked Sakura moaned and smiled lustfully, looking at me with that special gaze. Oh, it was a wonderful birthday!

Sakura, ino and Naruto in a threesome

Today I had a wonderful experience in threesome with Sakura-chan and gorgeous Ino! The girls were tired of constant trainings, so they willingly accepted my invitation to a small anime sex party. Soon the clothes were thrown away, and Sakura allowed me to penetrate her wonderful ass. As for Ino, her wet snatch was massaged by Sakura’s flexible tongue. When I looked at this oral job, my dick grew harder, and I felt that it can naturally explode! Actually, it did – after a while I felt a powerful orgasm and shot my load right into Sakura’s snatch. Boy, I hope she used some pills not to get pregnant, or I’m screwed! Better ask Perverted Hermit what to do…