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Sasuke and Sakura lock in the room to have some fun

Sasuke and Sakura locked in their room and started making sweet love to each other. These two missed each other very much, so I decided not to interrupt their fun. Although I have some feelings for Sakura-chan, I don’t want her to be upset because of Sasuke. So all I had to do is to take some pictures of Sakura and Sasuke fucking hard, and post them here :) Guess they won’t know. Oh, how he banged her little pussy! He jammed it hard, manipulating his rock-hard boner, shoving it inside her with incredible power! She screamed and wriggled, but Sasuke showed no mercy and ruthlessly poked her butt until it burst out with hot jizz. Incredibly hot Naruto porn pics!

Kakashi and Iruka show their gay nature

Wow, I guess I possess Kakashi-sensei’s and Iruka sensei’s hot secret now! While resting in a hotel and taking a hot bath, Iruka suddenly saw naked Kakashi who approached him with kinky intents. As it turned out, sensei was quite turned on, and hungered for some quick sex. Iruka got in the way, and so he destined himself to be seduced by horny Kakashi. I watched it all from behind the bushes, and saw everything. Damn, the guy really got in the heat – they sucked each other’s cocks 69, banged each other in their butts and kissed every minute! Like, sweet romantic gay sex. Whatever, if you’re interested in Naruto gay porn – I’ve drawn a sex comics for you. Have a look or two ;)

Naruto’s weird dream with cocky Hinata

That was a very odd dream, I should tell… Maybe my constant trainings have done something to my mind, or maybe my unsatisfied sex wishes got me, but I saw a dream where… Hinata had a cock! That’s right, a huge ugly meat rod that grew right out of her snatch! What’s even worse, I fucked her in her butt, and that big tool just hanged between her legs, waving in the air! Nevertheless, I can remember that I still like Hinata’s tight ass and spanked it a dozen times. I poked her in the butt for quite a long time, and all went well until she tried to fuck me too! That’s where the nightmare started! You’d better go and watch how it all happened – I made quick sketches of my dream while I can still remember it!

More XXX sketches.