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Naruto nails Kurenai into the sand

Kurenai was in the sex heat on that island – I remember it quite clearly. When I fucked her, the time stopped, and we felt like we were alone in the whole world. She felt one orgasm after another, and her body was so hot I could burn my cock! Nobody disturbed us, except for perverted Hermit, who peeped at us from the bushes, like he always does. I paid no attention to him, as I was busy finishing my job with Kurenai. A couple of swift moves – and here I go, cumming right over her plump ass. Her sweet body was covered with cum, and that looked perfect! Now you can have a look at it, too!

Sasuke fucks shy Hinata

Just looked through Sasuke’s porn comics again. Funny how he describes his sex with Hinata – he draws her as a very shy girl, who has no sex experience at all, and doesn’t even know how to suck well. That’s not true at all – Hinata was such a girl long ago, but now she can give a hundred points of bisque to a professional. When she sucks cock, she swallows it deeply, and her eyes always look at you – that makes a man crazy! She knows how to fuck for hours, completely draining her partner. I assume that Sasuke never had a chance to fuck Hinata hard – she would show him hell. Here, some more pics of the Naruto sex comics with Sasuke and Hinata.

Hot sex on the beach starring Kurenai

Sex on a beach – what can be more seductive? Sometimes I dream of hot summer and naked girls, and that’s when my pictures from vacation come in handy. I remember fucking Kurenai, who was so horny that she even forgot about the age difference and willingly turned her pussy to my cock. I poked her all day long, and she still couldn’t get enough. Her slim body drove me crazy, and I was ready to nail her huge ass for a few more days! Her boobs jiggled as I pushed my weapon into her snatch, and her moans made the gulls fly away from that place :) Yeah, that fuck was terrific. Why don’t you have a look at the pics I’ve prepared?