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Iruka shows Ino a whole new world of sex

Iruka-sensei has finally reached the point when he couldn’t help fucking Ino-chan! Thise sweet couple locked themselves in the room and jumped into bed, kissing each other! They didn’t even undress completely, ‘cause they wanted to have sex right here and right now! Iruka was fucking Ino’s wet pussy like a mad dog, puffing and looking at her cute small boobs. As for Ino, she stared at the sealing, smiling happily, feeling every inch of Iruka’s meaty hose inside her. Ino’s slim body was slightly wriggling, and silent moans waved in the air. I happened to witness their sex, and I’ve got some hentai pics of it to show you!

Ino and Hinata enjoy lesbian sex

Today I will show you some sexy hentai pics starring Hinata and Ino. The girls rarely meet, but feel a lot of sympathy for each other, so as soon as they get together, they try to use the time with maximum result. Their lesbian games are quite unlike the others – when two good friends from the same village fuck, it is a performance of love and passion. Look how Hinata licks Ino’s tight snatch, teasing her clit with her flexible tongue! Their naked body are heated enough to burn a hole in the ground! And all this sex entertainment lasts for hours! You can watch it too – just proceed to Naruto sex gallery and see all this hentai stuff!

Sakura, ino and Naruto in a threesome

Today I had a wonderful experience in threesome with Sakura-chan and gorgeous Ino! The girls were tired of constant trainings, so they willingly accepted my invitation to a small anime sex party. Soon the clothes were thrown away, and Sakura allowed me to penetrate her wonderful ass. As for Ino, her wet snatch was massaged by Sakura’s flexible tongue. When I looked at this oral job, my dick grew harder, and I felt that it can naturally explode! Actually, it did – after a while I felt a powerful orgasm and shot my load right into Sakura’s snatch. Boy, I hope she used some pills not to get pregnant, or I’m screwed! Better ask Perverted Hermit what to do…

Ino-chan takes it to the next level

Today we had some fun with Ino-chan, who has also come to rest a little. It was a very fine day – I had sex with Ino for at least three times! I banged her tight pussy, making her scream and moan, I pushed my wiener deeper and deeper until I started touching her stomach with my shaft. Her sweet buns were spread by her hands; I continued nailing her, watching at her tournure and holding myself in order not to cum inside her. Her long blonde hair sometimes touched my skin, and it felt awesome! Who would have known – lucky Naruto fucking Ino! A marvelous day.