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Naruto nails Kurenai into the sand

Kurenai was in the sex heat on that island – I remember it quite clearly. When I fucked her, the time stopped, and we felt like we were alone in the whole world. She felt one orgasm after another, and her body was so hot I could burn my cock! Nobody disturbed us, except for perverted Hermit, who peeped at us from the bushes, like he always does. I paid no attention to him, as I was busy finishing my job with Kurenai. A couple of swift moves – and here I go, cumming right over her plump ass. Her sweet hentai body was covered with cum, and that looked perfect! Now you can have a look at it, too!

Hot sex on the beach starring Kurenai

Sex on a beach – what can be more seductive? Sometimes I dream of hot summer and naked girls, and that’s when my pictures from vacation come in handy. I remember fucking Kurenai, who was so horny that she even forgot about the age difference and willingly turned her hentai pussy to my cock. I poked her all day long, and she still couldn’t get enough. Her slim body drove me crazy, and I was ready to nail her huge ass for a few more days! Her boobs jiggled as I pushed my weapon into her snatch, and her moans made the gulls fly away from that place 🙂 Yeah, that fuck was terrific. Why don’t you have a look at the pics I’ve prepared?

Naruto rips Kurenai’s ass

Ah, those good old days when I enjoyed my summer vacation! I remembered them because I found some photos of me, Naruto, fucking Kurenai-sensei on the beach. Her shining skin was gleaming in the hot rays of sun, and Kurenai’s wet snatch – it was a terrific sex experience. I squeezed her buns with my hands and spread them to push my meaty rod deep into her hole. Fresh sea air turned me on so much that I barely held myself from ripping Kurenai’s ass apart! We had kinky fun all day long, and still that horny slut begged for more! I felt drained after that fuck, seriously. Here, have a look at my sex adventures – all the hentai pics are juicy and ready for you!

Perverted Hermit breaks out the sex rage

Perverted Hermit is unbearable! He has got me even here, far away from village! He didn’t try to fuck everything up, though. Maybe the reason is that he fell under charms of gorgeous Kurenai-sensei. At last he got busy stuffing her wide ass with his shaft! His books could make him a total fumbler! But now as her banged naked Kurenai, watching her huge tits jiggle and slapping her body with his dick, I thought that everything will be okay. Watching them having fun was a little boring, so I came and spilled my cum all over Sakura’s pretty face. Oh, how she moaned and begged for more of my hot semen! She licked my tool, mixing my cum with her drools, and I was completely exhausted.