Naruto’s sex experience on vacation

Wow, I’ve got a jackpot! Looks like my constant training brought me a vacation! Now I can rest for three days at Konoha island – a place that our village bought a while ago. It is a very nice place, with palms and jungles, and the water there is crystal. And the main surprise is that I’m going there with Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan and Kurenai-sensei! Looks like it’s gonna be hot there – Kurenai-sensei hadn’t a chance to stick a boner into her hungry twat for a very long while! And Sakura-chan – oh, when I think of her huhe boobs, my cock can rip my pants! Dunno what Hinata-chan is going to do there – she’s too shy to ask for a cock… Anyway, I’m very lucky today!