Kakashi and Iruka show their gay nature

Wow, I guess I possess Kakashi-sensei’s and Iruka sensei’s hot secret now! While resting in a hotel and taking a hot bath, Iruka suddenly saw naked Kakashi who approached him with kinky intents. As it turned out, sensei was quite turned on, and hungered for some quick sex. Iruka got in the way, and so he destined himself to be seduced by horny Kakashi. I watched it all from behind the bushes, and saw everything. Damn, the guy really got in the heat – they sucked each other’s cocks 69, banged each other in their butts and kissed every minute! Like, sweet romantic gay sex. Whatever, if you’re interested in Naruto gay porn – I’ve drawn a sex comics for you. Have a look or two 😉

Naruto’s weird dream with cocky Hinata

That was a very odd dream, I should tell… Maybe my constant trainings have done something to my mind, or maybe my unsatisfied sex wishes got me, but I saw a dream where… Hinata had a cock! That’s right, a huge ugly meat rod that grew right out of her snatch! What’s even worse, I fucked her in her butt, and that big tool just hanged between her legs, waving in the air! Nevertheless, I can remember that I still like Hinata’s tight ass and spanked it a dozen times. I poked her in the butt for quite a long time, and all went well until she tried to fuck me too! That’s where the nightmare started! You’d better go and watch how it all happened – I made quick sketches of my dream while I can still remember it!

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Hinata gets nailed by kakashi and Naruto

Wow, Hinata turns out to be a real slut! Last time I went on a mission, she left with Kakashi-sensei to pass a training course. His training was severe and included several harsh episodes. He tied her to the tree and slapped her on her beautiful tits. Hinata screamed as loud as she could, but nobody was there to help her out. Kakashi ripped her blouse and continued torturing her young body. I was returning from my mission when I saw this smut. I immediately grew very horny and approached them to ask sensei for a permission to participate. He willingly agreed, so here I am – sticking my boner into Hinata’s wet snatch. Oh, she felt herself a little bitch that moment! She was ready to do anything I told her!

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Shikamaru and Temari have romantic sex

Shikamaru and Temari hated each other when they met for the first time. But the time passed by, and the two opposite characters found something new in themselves. That’s how the love appeared! Now you are about to watch an interesting Naruto hentai manga, with its own vivid plot and nice styling! Sex of Shikamaru and Temari is its best feature. Naked Temari is gorgeous – her big tits shake as her plump ass is being pounded by restless Shikamaru. It’s all serious here – hugs, kisses and deep penetration, which brings satisfaction to both of them. Ah, I wish Sakura loved me so much… Well, all you have to do is click on to the sex manga and discover a whole new world of Naruto porn!

Kakashi gets his dick on young girls

Ah, Kakashi-sensei is so filthy! He abuses girls from our village without any shame! Just look how he squeezes another one of his victims! He holds her exposed round tits in his hand, caressing them with caution, while the girl still furiously tries to escape. But he holds her tight and continues touching her most intimate places… Turned on already? Well, when you see this Naruto porn comics, you’ll get even more excited, trust me! You’ll see how he gets his cock on Sakura-chan and many other girls from the village! He tortures their tight pussies and young asses, teases their clits and does other nasty things! A fresh and juicy cartoon porn comics – come and get it!

Naruto rips Kurenai’s ass

Ah, those good old days when I enjoyed my summer vacation! I remembered them because I found some photos of me, Naruto, fucking Kurenai-sensei on the beach. Her shining skin was gleaming in the hot rays of sun, and Kurenai’s wet snatch – it was a terrific sex experience. I squeezed her buns with my hands and spread them to push my meaty rod deep into her hole. Fresh sea air turned me on so much that I barely held myself from ripping Kurenai’s ass apart! We had kinky fun all day long, and still that horny slut begged for more! I felt drained after that fuck, seriously. Here, have a look at my sex adventures – all the hentai pics are juicy and ready for you!

Temari gives her holes to Rock Lee and Neji

Gorgeous Temari always attracted Rock Lee and Neji, and today they finally got an opportunity to nail her tight ass. Lee always boasted his huge boner, and now he obtained a chance to use it with full power! He stick his stick into her warm mouth and slid it down her throat. The poor girl choked, but couldn’t oppose, ‘cause her butt was ruthlessly jammed by serious Neji. He shoveled her chocolate hole on and on, pushing his pole as deep as he could. That was an awesome sex episode – kinky Temari turned out to be a total slut! Wanna see naked Temari and the boys banging her hard? Your pal Naruto has got a present for ya! Just click on to see all the fresh Naruto smut!

Sakura’s terrific blowjob

And again I have some photos of the past times, when I used to bang Sakura twice a day! That day was a special one – it was my birthday, and she came to me to give me a present. Her present was… Rather naked, you know 🙂 I was stunned and surprised – didn’t expect that from her, but she quickly guessed what to do – grabbed my cock, pulled it out of my pants and started swallowing it. In some minutes I was ready to burst out with cum, so I decided to slow down and turned her ass closer to my mouth to lick it and tease her red clit. Horny naked Sakura moaned and smiled lustfully, looking at me with that special gaze. Oh, it was a wonderful birthday!

Sakura, ino and Naruto in a threesome

Today I had a wonderful experience in threesome with Sakura-chan and gorgeous Ino! The girls were tired of constant trainings, so they willingly accepted my invitation to a small anime sex party. Soon the clothes were thrown away, and Sakura allowed me to penetrate her wonderful ass. As for Ino, her wet snatch was massaged by Sakura’s flexible tongue. When I looked at this oral job, my dick grew harder, and I felt that it can naturally explode! Actually, it did – after a while I felt a powerful orgasm and shot my load right into Sakura’s snatch. Boy, I hope she used some pills not to get pregnant, or I’m screwed! Better ask Perverted Hermit what to do…

Sex punishment for Sakura from Iruka

Sakura showed herself to be a very dirty and naughty toon girl and deserved cruel punishment. Iruka-sensei caught this slut and bent her over his knee, pulling her panties off. She tried to resist, but all in vain – soon her round ass was exposed and ready for punishment. Iruka started slapping her on the butt, doing it with all his power, and soon Sakura’s ass became all red. The look of spanked butt suddenly turned the sensei on, and he pulled off his giant cock, intending to thrust it into poor Sakura’s pussy. Wanna see what happened next? I’ve got it all for you here – just click and enjoy!