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Sasuke fucks shy Hinata

Just looked through Sasuke’s porn comics again. Funny how he describes his sex with Hinata – he draws her as a very shy girl, who has no sex experience at all, and doesn’t even know how to suck well. That’s not true at all – Hinata was such a girl long ago, but now she can give a hundred points of bisque to a professional. When she sucks cock, she swallows it deeply, and her eyes always look at you – that makes a man crazy! She knows how to fuck for hours, completely draining her partner. I assume that Sasuke never had a chance to fuck Hinata hard – she would show him hell. Here, some more pics of the Naruto sex comics with Sasuke and Hinata.

Sasuke’s porn comics

Oh, look what I’ve found in Sasuke’s bag – a xxx comics! Looks like he likes to draw porn comics from time to time. Well, his story is too weird as for me – he’s describing his wedding with Hinata! A very odd episode, but some pleasant scenes are also included. Especially when he brings Hinata to bed to fuck her for the first time! She’s very scared, but he supports her and warms her up with a solid oral job. He licks and bites her clit, making her cum several times. Then it’s her turn – though she lacks experience, her warm mouth excites Sasuke and turns him on, making his weapon rock-hard. A very interesting, but rather strange Naruto porn comics – is Sasuke really in love with Hinata? I’d better ask him…