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A romantic date for Sakura

And again I was dreaming about Sakura today. But this time I almost hadn’t anything dirty in my mind. No, quite the opposite – this time I though that it would be nice to ask her out. I though I should ask her out – you know, a romantic date, flowers and all the stuff. I know just a place to go to… And then – candles, dark room, her hot breath and sweet love! Yeah, it really turns me on when I think how I will squeeze her boobs, caress her round butt and push my penis inside her, hugging her tenderly. I really think that after all those mad fucks I should do something nice to please Sakura – I expect her to be my wife soon!

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Sasuke and Sakura lock in the room to have some fun

Sasuke and Sakura locked in their room and started making sweet love to each other. These two missed each other very much, so I decided not to interrupt their fun. Although I have some feelings for Sakura-chan, I don’t want her to be upset because of Sasuke. So all I had to do is to take some pictures of Sakura and Sasuke fucking hard, and post them here 🙂 Guess they won’t know. Oh, how he banged her little pussy! He jammed it hard, manipulating his rock-hard boner, shoving it inside her with incredible power! She screamed and wriggled, but Sasuke showed no mercy and ruthlessly poked her butt until it burst out with hot jizz. Incredibly hot Naruto porn pics!

Sex punishment for Sakura from Iruka

Sakura showed herself to be a very dirty and naughty toon girl and deserved cruel punishment. Iruka-sensei caught this slut and bent her over his knee, pulling her panties off. She tried to resist, but all in vain – soon her round ass was exposed and ready for punishment. Iruka started slapping her on the butt, doing it with all his power, and soon Sakura’s ass became all red. The look of spanked butt suddenly turned the sensei on, and he pulled off his giant cock, intending to thrust it into poor Sakura’s pussy. Wanna see what happened next? I’ve got it all for you here – just click and enjoy!

Kinky vacation with Sakura

Day one of the sex trip! Ah, Sakura-chan was gorgeous! At first she didn’t want to even think of having sex with me, of course. “Naruto, are you outta your mind? No way! Never!”. But you know how persistent I am – after an hour she was already sucking my boner, slurping and gagging it. Yes, her cute warm mouth brought me unbelievable pleasure! And then I had some time with Hinata-chan. As it turned out, she fell in love with me a long time ago, but was too shy to ask me out. I destroyed all her complexes by sticking my cock inside her wide hentai ass and banging her for a while. Oh, you must have heard her screams even from the place where you are now! A lucky day, and many more of them to come!