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Hinata gets nailed by kakashi and Naruto

Wow, Hinata turns out to be a real slut! Last time I went on a mission, she left with Kakashi-sensei to pass a training course. His training was severe and included several harsh episodes. He tied her to the tree and slapped her on her beautiful tits. Hinata screamed as loud as she could, but nobody was there to help her out. Kakashi ripped her blouse and continued torturing her young body. I was returning from my mission when I saw this smut. I immediately grew very horny and approached them to ask sensei for a permission to participate. He willingly agreed, so here I am – sticking my boner into Hinata’s wet snatch. Oh, she felt herself a little bitch that moment! She was ready to do anything I told her!

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Hinata gets ruthlessly fucked from her rear

I just remembered the good old days that I spent on the beach, when I banged Sakura and Hinata, and other girls, too. It felt really good, and I even have some photos since those times. Their lovely asses, big anime breasts and slim bodies make me shake in fever every time I remember them. Sakura made me all sweaty, jumping on top of my cock, and shy Hinata forced me to turn into a real sex monster, as I was slaying her helpless hole, spanking her on the butt. Yeah, really good times it were – hot sun, cool ocean and naked girls who exposed their plump butts to us, willing to have a long cock inside.