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Naruto’s porn dream starring Sakura

It was my first day as I returned from a two year training with perverted hermit. I missed my village and missed Sakura-chan, of course. My room stayed just as I left it – only dust accumulated on the floor and bed. After a short cleaning, I took a bath and fell asleep, as I was very tired. And my dream – oh, it was just perfect! Naked Sakura came to say “Hi” to me, and her “Hi” was very sexy! She grabbed my hard cock and started licking it, covering it with her hot saliva. She almost swallowed it, and I couldn’t help moaning as a wounded ninja. Then she jumped on top of me and started bouncing, screaming and pushing my cock deeper into her tight snatch… Then I woke up and felt tha my pants were all wet! Damn, a very nice dream it was!